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Cindy Sexton celebrates 30 years at Channel 3

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Channel 3's Cindy Sexton. Channel 3's Cindy Sexton.

As Channel 3 Anchor Cindy Sexton celebrates 30 years today at Channel 3, we asked her co-workers to share their thoughts and memories of one of Chattanooga's favorite broadcasters.

David Carroll, Anchor - How lucky am I?  For the past 28 years, I've sat side-by-side in the WRCB newsroom with Cindy Sexton.  I barely knew her when I called her one Saturday morning after being offered a job at Channel 3.  "Should I go to work there?" I asked.  "Come on in, you'll love it," she said.  She's been giving me great advice ever since. Speaking of good fortune, I've co-anchored the news with her each evening since 1992, making us the 2nd-longest running anchor team in the state of Tennessee (our goal is to outlast the other guys).  

People often comment to me, quite rightly, about her pretty face, beautiful eyes, and great voice.  But what you may not know is that she's our newsroom's official grammar and language coach.  She had once planned to become a teacher, and she would have been a great one.  Our younger reporters (as well as slightly older ones like me) lean on her frequently to make sure we're speaking and writing properly.

Cindy comes from a great family, and she and her husband Gil have raised a wonderful daughter Gracie.  I'm honored to be her co-anchor, but I'm even prouder that she's my friend.

LaTrice Currie, Anchor - What are my memories of Cindy? Let me think for a moment. There are lots of things that come to mind. When I first started at Channel 3 and worked night side we would actually get together after the newscast and go to Cindy’s house to socialize. This was a great time for us to bond and get to know one another. Since that time I have gotten to know Cindy a lot more. 

Two things, or people should I say that always make her smile. Ask about her lovely daughter or her mom. Cindy is a big cheerleader for this community. One they should be proud to have had now for 3 decades.

David Karnes, Meteorologist - I was a Cindy Sexton fan as a senior at Soddy Daisy High School in 1986 when she was still fairly new to the city.  
Being able to come back to Chattanooga in 2007 and actually work with her as a colleague was definitely a professional high point.  Being able, now, to call her a friend is more than an honor.  
From the second I arrived at WRCB, Cindy has been gracious, kind, and friendly. I have enjoyed her as a fan, colleague, and friend for the past 30 years, and look forward to doing the same for many more years to come.  
Congratulations, Cindy!

Dan Kennedy, Reporter/anchor - I first met Cindy as a 9-year-old kid fascinated by the world of TV news. Cindy was always more than accommodating and would invite me to visit, watch the newscasts and learn from the pros. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about our area and values the trust viewers have given her for 30 years. 

I’m proud to call Cindy more than just a colleague; she’s a great mentor and an even better friend. I wouldn’t be where I am today, professionally, if not for great role models like Cindy Sexton. 

Matt Barbour, Reporter/anchor - It's been such an honor working with Cindy in the four short years I've been with Channel 3. 

From day one she greeted me with a smile and has done so every day since. And when I get the chance to sit at the desk with her, she's the best co-anchor, always putting me at ease. 

Cindy is an encourager, one of the most sincere people I know, and a friend. 

Congratulations and way to go, Cindy!

Tom Tolar, General Manager - One of my favorite memories was my first meeting with Cindy. Tom Tarzian and I met with her while she was anchoring in Las Vegas. She had worked in Huntsville with Bill Markham. Bill recommended her for WRCB. 

 As always, Cindy was gracious and sincere. It was a great day for WRCB and Chattanooga when Cindy and Gil decided to come to Channel 3.

Derrall Stalvey, News Director - While I was still in transition to Chattanooga for this job, Cindy invited my family to breakfast to welcome us (and perhaps evaluate me as well). I immediately knew she was "kind of a big deal" when people kept stopping at our table to say hello. She was gracious with each one. Cindy brings so much institutional knowledge to our team and a true commitment to viewers. Her long career at one station is a testament to her loyalty and viewers’ satisfaction. She deserves all of our thanks and congratulations. 

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