Free medical care will be available to those in need this weekend in Bradley County.    

Remote Area Medical will have a two-day clinic, which usually draws in thousands who wait in line, for basic medical care, but many could be turned away if enough dentists don't show up.

In the last 30 years the RAM Clinic has been in existence, they've seen 92,000 volunteers.

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But every year, they're always shortfor dentistsand just a few more could mean the difference in people getting helped, or told to leave. "It's the same need everywhere we goIn theUnited States and it doesn't seem to get any better," said Stan Brock, Executive Director of RAM.

People from all over the region will be lined up outside of Walker Valley High School on Saturday and Sunday morning, hopingto get theticket that means they will be guaranteed treatment.

"A lot of people fall between the cracks," said Sally Love, RAM Committee Member.

"We see people who are elderly, Medicare doesn't cover vision or dental care," said Sherry Park, Committee Host Director.

But the amount of people they'll be able to care for is at risk, with only 18 dentists scheduled for Saturday and 14 on Sunday.  "That's not nearly enough," said Park.

What's ideal? Double that. They're hoping for 25 to 30. 2,000 people are expected to show up both days and with only 18dentists, at least 200 will go without care. "Patients get turned away and that's very difficult. A lot of these patients start up on Friday afternoon andyou know they've been there and they've waited and waited and they've been there 12-16 hours," said Park.

The RAM Clinic will be held on Saturday and Sunday at Walker Valley High School.