(NBC News) - An Air Force F-16 fighter jet and a small private plane collided in midair over Charleston, South Carolina, on Tuesday according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that the fighter jet collided with a Cessna C150 around 11 a.m. ET. The collision occurred roughly 11 miles north of Charleston.

Defense officials told NBC News that reports indicate the military pilot safely ejected from the F-16 before it crashed.

The status of the Cessna or anyone aboard was not immediately known.

Michael Mule, a spokesman with the Berkeley County Sherriff's Office, told NBC affiliate WCBD the plane crash happened at Lewis Field Plantation in Moncks Corner.

A witness told the station that he saw two planes collide in the air and saw a huge explosion, describing it as a "ball of fire in the air."

The Air Force has flown F-16s since the 1970s, though very few active-duty squadrons still fly them.