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Car wash theft caught on camera

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The man washing a white truck appears to be like any other customer. Surveillance video shows him deposit a $1.50 for a wash, but when he's finished, you can see him unhook the brush he rented and put it in the back of his truck.

His young accomplice retrieves a tool from the cab to help him dismantle the spray gun too. Then the pair, and a driver not seen in the video, takes off.

“Don’t know why but I guess he wanted it more than I did,” said Richard Williams, Owner, R&B Car Wash.

Richard Williams owns R&B car wash on Rossville Blvd. He says he's appalled a grown man would commit a crime in front of a child.

“Would your parent have taught you that, mine sure didn't. I learned at a young age not to steal,” Williams says.

Williams says he was forced to close the bay for a day and half after the theft. One less bay means fewer car washes.

“As a day and half of business when you operate by quarters, quarters add up,” Williams says.

This isn't the first time Williams says his business has been hit, but he's determined to make it the last.

He installed surveillance cameras after the last theft. This time police have a clear picture of who to look for.

Sgt. Rebecca Crites investigates property crimes and says all crimes warrant a police report.
She encourages all businesses to invest in surveillance.

“Video surveillance is good and it does not cost a lot. You can go to Sam’s and Walmart and get this type of video equipment,” said Rebecca Crites, Sgt., Chattanooga Police Department.

It’s an investment Williams is glad he made. He hopes it teaches the man, and boy, seen in the video a lesson.

“If we can catch him we are going to prosecute him. You don't teach kids to steal like that, that's just blatantly wrong,” Williams says.

Williams has replaced the brush and spray gun. He says he lost a couple hundred dollars while the bay was shut down.
If you recognize the people in the video or the truck call Crimestoppers at 423-698-3333.

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