Chattanoogan’s gathered in Coolidge Park with umbrellas and lawn chairs in tow, determined to celebrate the 4th of July despite the forecast.

“All the colors, the sounds the music, the lighting that goes along with it,” said Jamie Evans.

Bryan Long and his family didn't want to chance a last minute cancellation.

“With the rain moving in you have to have a backup plan, so this is it,” said Bryan Long.

Long and his family opted for their own fireworks show, supplied by the Fireworks Supermarket. The cancellation of firework shows across the Tennessee Valley meant big business for local vendors.

“This is probably going to be one of the top years we had so far,” said Raymond Simpson, Manager, Fireworks Supermarket.
Liana Rio and her family have only been in the states for a few years and say they wouldn't miss the opportunity to celebrate the country they love and now call home.

“The United States they took us in, so we should also be thankful and patriotic to them to,” said Liana Rio.

Hoping to put on a full show for Rio and the rest of the Scenic City, Chattanooga presents made a few adjustments.

“We are going to speed up the schedule, starting the symphony a half an hour early,” said Carla Pritchard, Chattanooga Presents.

As far as the main attraction, the fireworks, the decision was left to last minute.

“if and when the rain gets here, if it's dark and if we still have a crowd here I’m sure we will still do the show, and if it's not dark, and we don't have a crowd here, I’m sure we will postpone it and save it for another day,” said Pritchard.

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