Mother Nature is putting a damper on a number of fireworks shows in the Tennessee Valley. 
Like East Ridge for example, Parks and Rec Director Stump Martin says he along with other city leaders made the decision Thursday to reschedule Camp Jordan Jams because of the rain. 

“If it rains tomorrow, and we have all this money tied up in fireworks and bands and all this, it’s down the drain,” Martin said. 
Friday’s show is now set for August 1st, mainly Martin says to stay cost conscious. 

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“We have to take care of the taxpayer’s dollar and we don’t want to take a chance on wasting that and again, this is for them,” he added. 
But it’s not all bad news as professional shows fizzle. Business is booming at local fireworks stores and tents. 

“Either way, we’re still going to have a show at our house,” Dillon McGaha said. From shoppers trying to beat Mother Nature or looking for the biggest bang for their buck. Fireworks sales are now legal in the Peach State but Chris Zywica still made the two hour trip because to him, it’s worth it. 

“I think [Georgia’s] prices are a little too high right now and the selection is really limited,” Zywica said. Zywica isn’t the only one, McGaha and his brothers also made the trip across state lines because nothing is going to rain on their Fourth of July parade. 

“We figured we’re just going to jump on I-75 and drive 45 minutes and have a much wider selection and as you can see in the buggy here, we’re talking away with much more than we would in Georgia for a much better price,” McGaha added. 

Chattanooga’s professional fireworks show, Pops on the River, is still set for 10:00 Saturday night. Organizers say they will make a decision at a later time.