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Engaged couple in the 252nd National Guard is back home and planning wedding

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More than 100 National Guard soldiers the 252nd returned home Wednesday night after a year in the Middle East.

And two of those soldiers are back home and spending their free time planning a wedding.

Kyle Gould and Donna Parker have a love story unlike none other, having met during the Iraqi war in Iraq in 2008. They began dating when they returned home in 2010 and have been engaged for the past year. Now, the two are planning a wedding for November 13.

"I did a little planning in the Middle East that was definitely interesting and challenging," Parker said.

"You can imagine how stressful that was trying to get things off the ground and ready for the wedding," Kyle said.

Making things even tougher, the two were separated for the past six months overseas while Kyle served in Jordan and Donna stayed in Kuwait. Those six months were the longest the two have gone separated since 2010.

"We know what the other person has been through. We've both been on the same deployments and on the same unit," Kyle said.

Serving together has its ups and downs. The couple said the worst part was leaving behind Donna's 9-year-old daughter. But come November, they'll tie the knot and the trio will be a family.

Kyle and Donna are enjoying a little R&R for now but will soon be back on track and planning the wedding as they continue the love story that began in the 252nd.

The couple will also be working on the home they bought last February. They said they've spent more time away from the home than inside.

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