Sgt. Daniel Jones, Chattanooga Police Department, "We know that there are people out there that know who the shooter was; saw who the shooter was."
Nearly two years after the murder of Ladarius Daniel, Chattanooga police have yet to make an arrest. It all unfolded around 4:30am July 5th, after a late night gathering at an event hall known as "Da Building". 

Sometime while they're all standing out there talking, a gunman fires into the crowd, a bullet striking 21-year old Ladarius Daniel, who had come to pick up a friend from the after-hours party.  The Brainerd High grad and Chattanooga State student later died at a local hospital.

James Plumlee, Chattanooga Police detective, "Through the course of the investigation we received a lot of tips, people calling in and they were helpful, what I'm looking for is somebody else that may have seen or heard anything"  Chattanooga Police detective James Plumlee says there were 50 to 100 potential eyewitnesses. He only wants one that will help him make an arrest and bring closure for Daniel's surviving family. 

James plumlee,"We're hoping that somebody out there knows something, anything that would help us."  And would help the tipster, as CrimeStoppers is offering up to a 1000 dollar reward for information.

Sgt. Daniel Jones, "We just need that one person to come forward with a phone number, with an ID, with a nickname, just anything that can get us over this little hurdle that we have right now."

If you have any information about this homidice or who may have pulled the trigger, call CrimeStoppers 698-3333. Remember an officer may answer the phone, but he'll never ask your identity. You could yourself earn a cash reward.