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Tennessee American Water adds $1 surcharge to your bill

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Tennessee American Water is tacking on a $1 surcharge to your monthly water bill to “help lessen the impact of future rate increases.”

The surcharge, which was approved by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority, will be used to recover the costs associated with renewing and replacing pipes, meeting Environmental Protection Agency requirements and supporting local economic projects like putting in new pipes for businesses.

According to a news release from Tennessee American Water, the American Society of Civil Engineers 2013 “Report Card” on water infrastructure, there are $3.5 billion in needs over the next 20 years to renew and replace water infrastructure in Tennessee.

“Our customers play an important role because each time they make a water payment, they help to make critical improvements to our water system,” said President of Tennessee American Water Deron Allen. “We plan these projects based on greatest need, balanced by the price our customers pay. We are also very careful to manage our costs by operating as efficiently as possible.”

The surcharge, which is a 4.64% increase, appears as the “Capital Recovery Riders” line item on your bill.

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