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I-75 Crash Survivor recovering after injuries

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"I'm blessed to be here, that's for sure," said Ryan Humphries, I-75 crash survivor.

Humphries says he remembers only parts of what happened last Thursday night when he was involved in the I-75 crash that killed 6. "I had just gotten off work and I was heading home," said Humphries.

He's driven that same stretch of Interstate hundreds of times. "I knew they were doing the construction and I couldn't decide if I wanted to get off and go the old highway. But when I got closer I saw the traffic was moving a little bit and I just go through I'll stay on, go over White Oak, it won't take long," said Humphries. "I remember traffic slowing down as it was merging. I kind of stopped for a second and then I remember waking up in the back of the ambulance."

His F-150 truck was crumpled to half its size. Humphries was left with a broken arm, 3rd degree burns on his heel, staples in the back of his head and dozens of scratches and bruises. "I'm lucky I'm not more injured."

But while he's thankful for his life, he says can't stop thinking about those who lost theirs. "It's just been kind of tough thinking about everybody else," said Humphries.

Humphries was a student at Ocoee Middle School 12 years ago, while Brian Gallaher was the band director. "It makes it a lot harder knowing someone who was actually killed in the accident," said Humphries.

As more details emerge about Benjamin Brewer, who was driving the tractor trailer that crashed into the nine vehicles, Humphries says it brings forth more questions. "I want to know why he was on the Interstate and why he was driving. He shouldn't have been behind the wheel."

Humphries has experienced every emotion imaginable the last few days, but on Tuesday, he said he's experiencing thankfulness. "I want to say thanks to the people that got there before the first responders," said Humphries. “I probably wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for them."

Humphries expects a long road ahead of him in his recovery process. He says he's keeping all families involved in his prayers.

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