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Truck driver in Ooltewah crash ticketed the day before for FL crash

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - New information in Thursday's fatal crash that killed six people reveals that the truck driver had been cited for careless driving in Florida just the day before.

Benjamin Scott Brewer, 39, was charged with careless driving from a crash the resulted in $6,000 worth of damage. No injuries were reported in the Florida crash.

The Florida Highway Patrol's report says that Brewer failed to maintain control of the vehicle (his semi) while attempting to pass another vehicle on FL SR-93, near Wildwood, FL, northwest of Orlando.

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He was fined $166.

The citation was dated June 24, the day before the crash where Brewer's rig struck eight other vehicles slowed for a construction zone on Interstate 75 north of Ooltewah.

Preliminary reports from the Chattanooga police department say that Brewer failed to stop, causing the crash that claimed six lives and injured six other people.

Brewer has not been charged or cited for the Tennessee crash.
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