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ONLY ON 3: Eyewitness to assault at Riverbend speaks out

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Within a matter of seconds Madison turned from festival patron to the witness of an assault.  

Madison, who witnessed the assault but did not want to reveal her identity, said "I saw the guy land on his face and no body helped. Literally nobody went over there, and I saw him laying there on his face, and the blood coming out on the ground."

The man lying unconscious on the pavement was Chad Shadden, a father of twin baby boys who told Channel 3 he was leaving the festival with his wife and other family members when the altercation started.   Shadden told Channel 3 family members saw Chattanooga Police detain two of the men they believed assaulted him but then let them go.   Chattanooga Police told Channel 3 the men were detained for an unrelated incident.  

We wanted to know more about that incident to see if it shed light into Shadden's assault.  Turns out, it does.  

CPD handed over a report that shows three people, two men and a woman, were in fact detained, anf admitted to getting into a verbal altercation with Shadden, but told police they never struck him. That an unknown white man wearing a yellow shirt did instead.

The report also states an off-duty investigator witnessed what happened and told police it was a white man wearing a yellow shirt that struck Shadden from behind and not any of the three people detained.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office tells Channel 3 they weren't made aware of these details until 11 days after the assault happened and are asking anyone with information to come forward.  

Madison, "I would hope that someone would do what I did for me. But I would also hope that the officers and EMS would deal with me differently."

Madison says if given the chance, she would stop again, because for her it was helping someone in need.  


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