Kelly Summersett and Candace Clackner have dreamed of a Chattanooga wedding. 

Friday's Supreme Court ruling makes that dream possible

“It was really exciting.  I really didn't know, I was working in a place that was really loud and I was coming out and I checked my phone and I saw a text where she said: 'I'm at home, getting real emotional without you.' and then it clicked and I'm like oh my God it probably passed,” said Candace Clackne

Now that couples like Kelly and Candace can tie the knot nationwide, bakers are answering the call.

“We've already seen over the last couple of years a lot of these weddings taking place out of state,' said Andrew Beattie, owner, Courture Cakes

Andrew Beattie owns Courture Cakes in Hixson. He's been designing wedding cakes for same-sex couples out of state for years.

“All of our toppers we create by hand, our sugar flour we create by hand, a lot of labor intensive things that go on to the cakes,” said Beattie.

Now that same-sex marriage is legal in Tennessee, Beattie expects business to pick up.

“Because you're looking at opening up the doors now for a lot more weddings to be taking place during the course of the year,” said Beattie.

It's not just bakers expecting to see an increase in business. Attorney Sam Byrd specializes in divorce. He says half of marriages end in divorce, and studies show more marriages may equal more divorces.

“With the increase rates of marriage, we are going to have increase divorce filings, the typical pain points for marriage is your first year, your third year, and then again at about year seven,” said Sam Byrd, attorney, Law Offices of Sam Byrd.

Byrd says he expects the Supreme Court's decision to impact courts, social services and adoptions.

“But now that they are allowed to marry, they are also allowed to divorce, it allows the court and the state to intervene and try to determine an equitable division of their property, to determine what to do with their property, their kids, whether spousal support will be an issue, and that will be an interesting thing to develop,” said Byrd.

Channel 3 checked with the Hamilton County court clerk. Since Friday's ruling, the office has issued six marriage licenses to same-sex couples.