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New GA gas tax starts Wednesday

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ATLANTA (WXIA) - Motorists with half-empty gas tanks may want to plan ahead and fill up before Wednesday.

That's when Georgia's new gas tax goes into effect.

Right now, much of the tax is tied to the cost of gas as it rises and falls based on the price per gallon.

On Wednesday that all changes as the math behind the tax gets axed and replaced with a flat 26 cents per gallon.

Right now, that means a seven cent spike in gas prices when the new law goes into effect.

The goal of the new flat tax is to raise a billion dollars for transportation improvements in the state.

And drivers that hope to dodge the new tax by going electric may also need to put the pedal to the metal.

The state's popular electric car "tax credit" ends just before the new gas tax becomes official.

That means buyers have just days to take advantage of a $5,000 rebate when buying an electric car.

Electric car owners will also have to pay an annual $200 fee for personal vehicles. That fee goes up to $300 for commercial vehicles.

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