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Fireworks sales soon to be allowed in GA

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EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) - The Fourth of July is about to get a bit louder in Georgia.

The state's new consumer fireworks law takes effect July 1 that allows larger fireworks to be sold and used.

The law allows for the sale and use of consumer fireworks such as: Sky Rockets and Bottle Rockets, Missile-Type Rockets, Helicopter and Aerial Spinners, Roman Candles, Multi-Aerial Mine and Shell Devices, Aerial Shell Kits, Reloadables and Firecrackers.

Keesha Woodard owns Dixieland Fireworks in East Ridge. While she takes advantage of a Georgia consumer base that hasn't had access to fireworks, she says she's not concerned about the new law having a major effect on her business.

"We're excited about it being legal to shoot in Georgia," she said. "We're not really concerned. If I were a business person, I wouldn't set up a 100 yards from here, I'd go to Atlanta."

Woodard said they get customers from many different states and rely on a loyal base that returns each year.

But the new law has her re-thinking a billboard she invested in on I-75 before the East Ridge exit. It reads: "Last Chance Fireworks" before entering the Peach State.

Sparklers have been legal in Georgia since 2005.

Some licensing fees will be added and there will be a 5 percent excise tax on each sale, in addition to state and local taxes.

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