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Heritage or Hate? Flag Controversy growing in Tennessee Valley

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The Confederate flag means different things to many people. For one group, they see it as hate.
On Saturday afternoon a group of five gathered at Miller Park, lit a fire pit, and burned the Confederate flag .

“A lot of the heritage that this flag represents, and if you read what the man who designed it said, it's a heritage of white supremacy, it's a heritage of racial hatred,” said Baris Gursakal, organizer.

The group says they want to see the flag removed from the grounds of South Carolina's state capitol and other government grounds, because of what happened in Charleston.

In Fort Oglethorpe supporters of the Confederate flag held a rally in the parking lot of Walmart. They say the flag is going nowhere and they will put up a fight to keep the flag flying.

“We lost nine lives in that church and I'm sorry it was black people, but there were millions of white men who fought for the flag, this flag is not about racism,” said Jeanette Adams.

Supporters of the Confederate flag tell Channel 3 the flag represents their heritage.

Renia Myles was on her way to do some shopping at Walmart, when she saw all the flags in the parking lot. She says the flags are offensive.

“These people are being very ignorant behind me, but my grandmothers, they all gave us a story about what went on back then, and America has changed, and some people need to change, and these are young people ,” said Renia Myles.

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