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Manning's letter motivates 7-year old fan

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A 7-year-old with cerebral palsy reached out to Peyton and the football superstar responded with a heartwarming letter.  Ayden and his family are big fans of Manning and the Broncos. After their season ended his mom Rebecca Baker wrote Manning a letter on her son's behalf telling him about Ayden's dreams to become a Broncos superstar.

A few months later Manning responded with an autographed photo and a message for Ayden.

Rebecca Baker, Ayden's mother: "It says keep working to reach your goals and dreams, I am pulling for you. your friend Peyton Manning. And then he put his number 18. Well I know, I saw on his face he just lit up. he had me read it to him over and over and over. and the night we put it in a frame he just sat there and stared at it. he just said that's his new friend, Peyton."

Ayden has cerebral palsy and mostly uses a walker. Rebecca says Manning's gift energized her son and he's become more motivated to walk on his own.

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