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TN Aquarium's newest penguin makes public appearance

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It's a Mac. The Tennessee Aquarium announces its first baby penguin of 2015.  And officials say Little Debbie and Hercules are "exemplary parents."

The newest Macaroni Penguin in Chattanooga has been growing by leaps and bounds since entering the world on June 5th. This is Little Debbie's first baby. 

Officials say the pudgy little penguin is a pretty laid-back bird. And because it is now beginning to do a little exploring, an acrylic playpen has been erected around Little Debbie and Hercules' nest. An aquarium official says it takes about 70 to 75 days for baby Macaroni Penguins to grow their adult feathers, so they are making sure the baby penguins don't accidentally end up in the water.

The next round of exams for all of the birds is scheduled for late November. A DNA test will be run on this baby penguin to determine the gender at that time with a naming contest to follow.

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