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Cleveland woman believes she drank water contaminated with e-coli

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Many across the country are reaching for bottled water to quench their thirst during these hot summer days, but now the water you're drinking could cause you to get sick.

Priscilla Goodwin didn't have the exact bottle she had drank from, because on Sunday when she drank it there was no recall on any water. She didn't go to the doctor to get tested to see if she had e-coli, but says based on the way she felt for days, that she believes she drank from a contaminated bottle.

"I'm afraid to drink water now," said Goodwin.

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Wednesday was the first full day Priscilla Goodwin hadn't felt sick since Sunday afternoon. She believes a bottle of water she drank on Father's Day had traces of e-coli.

"I got real sick to my stomach, dizzy-headed and feel like I was gonna pass out," said Goodwin. “I started throwing up real bad and having diarrhea and all that and I felt real bad and for three or four days I was like that. I couldn't get off the couch.” "I told my husband, honey I'm dying, I feel like I'm dying."

She says she didn't realize it was the water, until her daughter told her about the recall. "And I thought oh God here I am," said Goodwin.

According to the Niagara Bottling Company's website, 11 states were affected; Tennessee was not one of them. However, Goodwin isn't convinced this water wasn't contaminated and says she's constantly worried now about what could be lurking in her food. "Any kind of meats you get, e-coli; drinks, e-coli. What can you do?!" said Goodwin.

She's warning everyone to read the codes on their water bottles to make sure they're not affected too.

Symptoms of e-coli are stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. If you're unsure of whether or not your water is contaminated, click here for the info.

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