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Chattanooga lands big fish in U.S. Women's Soccer Team match

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"On Wednesday, August 19th our own United States Women's National Soccer Team will be coming to Chattanooga, Tennessee to play the Costa Rica national team," says Chattanooga FC General Manager Sean McDaniel, who credits the Chattanooga Sports Committee, Finley Stadium and the help of former U.S. National Team GM Bill Nuttall in making it happen.

"It's totally first class, to have Bill stumble on this great city was unbelievably fortunate for us," said Paul Smith, Finley Stadium's Executive Director on the collaborative community effort to get the game in Chattanooga. 

"My hundred games as a general manager, never once did I get involved with games where the sports commission, committee, whatever they were called in that city, the local club or organization and the stadium worked hand in hand to get something done," said Nuttall.

Organizers say the deal clincher was Finley Stadium's new artificial turf, the half-million dollar project already paying dividends. They hope the August 19th game will be a sell-out of more than 20-thousand fans filling the stadium.

"Very plausible," says McDaniel on the topic of ticket sales. "As a matter of fact, we would be disappointed if it didn't sell out. Very disappointed and disappointed if it didn't sell out quickly."

This will be the second time the U.S. Women's team has played Finley. They beat Sweden 3 to 1 back in 1997. McDaniel and company think the August match can be the start of something great.

"I hope Chattanooga will support this endeavor, as long as they do, we'll have more announcements like this," predicts Smith.

"Everything lines up for Chattanooga," says Nuttall. "My feeling is, we pull this event off with a big attendance and a lot of hoopla and show U.S. Soccer we are a very much viable option for anything and everything that comes down."

Chattahooligan George Merriman, who also is the local chapter President for the American Outlaws, the fan group for the U.S. National Teams, is expecting maximum capacity for Finley Stadium come game time. "We plan on having this place jam packed, I mean if it's not packed to the rafters, we're going to be really, really, really disappointed. So it's going to be loud, crazy, it's going to be awesome," said Merriman to throngs of applause.

Tickets go on sale July 1st, the price ranges from $30 to $275.

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