Starting in July, the sewer bills for Chattanooga residents will be processed internally by the city and there will be no processing fees. 

Previously, sewer bills were handled by a Colorado-based company will made paying those bills in person difficult, if not impossible, for many residents.

Residents will be able to pay bills online and locally, at Chattanooga City Hall and First Tennessee Bank locations with no fees, according to a news release.

Important changes to paying your sewer bill include:

  • Payments will be made to the City of Chattanooga
  • Customers who use their bank to send payments must update the address with their bank before sending the July payment:
    • City of Chattanooga
    • Waste Resources Division
    • PO Box 591
    • Chattanooga, TN 37401-0591
  • Customers enrolled in electronic billing will still receive statements
  • Customers set up using recurring payments will have no interruption
  • No July payments will be taken at current walk-in locations after June 28, 2015

The new processing system is expected to make billing easier for city residents and end the three-dollar "convenience" fee. 

Additional information is available by calling 311 or the City of Chattanooga website.