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UPDATE: Man questions how Riverbend assault was handled

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UPDATE: "I just want to know why anything wasn't done," Chad Shadden said.

It's a question Chad Shadden wants answered after he left Riverbend in an ambulance.

He suffered a concussion, black eye and required four stitches after he says two men beat him.

Shadden tells Channel 3 Chattanooga police detained the men responsible, but let them go without charging them.

We reached out to Chattanooga police after hearing about the incident. A spokesman declined to comment on the case saying it's being investigated by the sheriff's office.

According to a sheriff's office incident report obtained by Channel 3, after Shadden was assaulted and taken away by ambulance, a request went out over the radio instructing officers to look out for anyone who appeared to have been involved in a fight. There was no response.

Shadden says family members saw Chattanooga police officers detain two men who they believed were suspects in his assault.

"My brother-in-law kept trying to talk to police, but they kept blowing him off saying they had it under control," Shadden said.

The report, filed by a Hamilton County deputy says, "Chattanooga police detained the suspects for a separate and unrelated incident."

Chattanooga Police Spokesman Kyle Miller confirmed that information saying in a statement, "the men were detained as part of an unrelated foot pursuit that did not result in an arrest."

We wanted to know if the two cases could be connected and why an arrest wasn't made. Miller referred us to the sheriff's office, saying Chattanooga police is supporting the investigation.

A deputy took a report only after Shadden arrived at Erlanger.

This case is still pending until those suspects are identified.

Shadden is now facing a number of issues he says stem from this incident: an ambulance bill, medical bills and he says he had to miss a week of work due to his injuries. On top of it all, his job is on the line because he had to miss work.

The report does state that Shadden was intoxicated, but Monday Shadden told Channel 3 he had only consumed two beers.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office declined to answer any of our specific questions but did say if anyone has any information about this assault, they would like to speak with you.

A Hamilton County man is still recovering after he says he was assaulted at Riverbend.

He says police detained two of the four people involved but then, let them go. He's questioning how law enforcement handled the situation and wants to know why more wasn't done.

“A concussion, a laceration over my eye, a black eye, and it skinned my face up a little bit,” Chad Shadden said.

Scrapes, bruising and a cut so deep, it required four stitches, are still visible on Shadden's face.

His injuries stem from an assault that happened the last night Riverbend.

Shadden says it started as he was leaving the festival with his wife and a couple family members when he bumped into a woman on accident.

“She said, ‘You need to watch where the f—you're going,' and I said well excuse me, I'm sorry. And the next thing I know she was on the back of my head hitting me in the head there,” he said.

Shadden says that's when two men confronted him and a third came from behind.

“He hit me in the eye and that took me down to the ground, I hit my head on the asphalt and that knocked me out,” he added.

As Shadden was taken away by ambulance, he says two of the men were placed in handcuffs by Chattanooga police.

“My brother-in-law kept trying to talk to police, but they kept blowing him off saying they had it under control,” he said.

But then, he said, police let both men go.

A sheriff's deputy later showed up to the hospital to make a report but as of now, no arrests have been made in this case.

“I just want to know why anything wasn't done,” he said.

Shadden believes how this incident was handled may shed light into why there were so few arrests at Riverbend 2015. Police reported only five arrests at the festival this year compared to 24 the year before.

“They probably tried covering it up, maybe they didn't want to deal with it, maybe they let the guys go for that or they didn't want the publicity or whatever,” he added.

As this father of 1-year-old twins waits for answer, he says his job may also be in jeopardy after having to miss a week of work while recovering from this incident.

Police credit increased presence as the reason for fewer arrests this year.

Channel 3 spoke with both Chattanooga Police and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. CPD referred us to the sheriff's office, saying the case was handled by that agency. A spokesperson for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office was not able to speak publicly on this matter.

Stay with Channel 3 for updates on this story.

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