Residents on East 51st Street want speed bumps put down after a little boy was hit by a SUV while riding his bike.

“Vehicles are not a joke, they're not going to stop or slow down you see these cars going through here at 50 mph all the time,” said a resident who wished to remain anonymous.

Family members tell us the 7-year-old boy will be released from the hospital soon. Neighbors say his injury wasn't surprising because speeding is a problem in this area.

“It was going so fast that that guy had to slam on his brakes and it left marks from going from here to here,” the resident said.

Around the corner on 17th Avenue, there are speed bumps. 

John Van Winkle, the city's traffic engineer, tells Channel 3 the speed bumps were installed after a study was conducted in 2006. The study revealed 85 percent of drivers were traveling 18 mph over the 25 mph speed limit.

“It was plenty of cut through traffic, more than should be on those streets, and speeds were excessive,” Van Winkle said. 

But it wasn't until residents on 17th Avenue formed a petition that the city installed the speed bumps. He encourages residents on East 51st Street to do the same, in hopes of combating the cut through traffic.

“We need to get that support for it, and it probably wouldn't take a whole lot of doing, but somebody has got to go ahead and circulate the petition," Van Winkle said. "We will get with the neighborhood association and get things going on that,” 

Since 2013 there have been two accidents on this street, including the one that injured that little boy over the weekend. Police are looking fo for the driver. He is described as a white male in his 40's with a white female passenger.

They were in a blue or green Jeep Grand Cherokee, that now has a cracked windshield.

As neighbors in this area push for traffic control, police are asking anyone with information in this latest incident to give them a call at 423-698-2525.