The biggest thing to ever happen in Dayton is probably the Scopes Monkey Trial back in the 20's. It is that history-making trial that is now the namesake for the city's newest business, Monkey Town Brewery.

“There is that one dish that got a chef into cooking, or that one thing that got them into wine, there is that one instance that said this is what I want to do,” said Kirby Garrison, owner, Monkey Town Brewery.

Kirby Garrison has been brewing beer for years. He got into the business in New York, and now he's back in Tennessee brewing beer in his hometown.

“What we're doing is small bash, micro brews focusing on quality,” said Garrison.

According to the Brewers Association, the U.S. had about 1,500 hundred craft breweries in 2008. At the end of last year, the number more than doubled to 3,500.

”California, the east coast they are really getting saturated there is a lot of competition, down here it is wide open,” said garrison.

Dayton's closest one is in Chattanooga. 

“We want to try to help Dayton it has a lot of history,” said Garrison.

In order to make a craft beer, there are a few ingredients.

“There are four ingredients: there is water, there is hops, there is grain, and then yeast,” said Garrison.

Today Monkey Town Brewing Company is open for business on First Ave, but getting here was a journey.

“We've changed locations once already, we were supposed to be at another location here in town, it was very small, there wasn't a lot of space for me to brew, so we decided to set up here, which was an empty warehouse,” said Garrison.

Locals who stopped by for lunch, say they've been waiting for a brewery for a long time.

“The atmosphere is great, the beer is great, the food is great,” said Brenda Hindman.

City councilman Bill Graham hopes Monkey Town will keep some of those dollars at home.  

“But the food looks delicious, we like to see new restaurants, we had two or three open,” said Bill Graham, Councilman.

Kirby says he's glad to give locals a taste of something different.

“We have a passion for this, we have a pride for this, and we want to do it for you guys,” said Garrison.

Monkey Town is still waiting on state approval to start serving the brew.
They hope to have that in two weeks. It's open, just without their own beer, for lunch and dinner.
They will also offer beer from other breweries.