Workers at Covenant Transport in Chattanooga are raising money for coworker Joy Hughes and her fiancé Marcus Grissom. They grilled hotdogs and sold them to each other.

"They have three children, it just means so much to do something for them in some way,” said Marilyn Loggins coworker

On June 5, Hughes blew a tire after leaving work and called her fiancé for help. While he was changing the tire a pickup truck tried to pass a box truck and got too close to the right side of the road.  

The pickup truck crashed into the two parked vehicles, pinning the couple.

"The pain it's paralyzing her, we've seen the anguish that she has dealt with,” said Sharita Blakemore, Sister.

Hughe's sister, Sharita Blakemore, tells Channel 3 her sister is finally doing better. 

“She's been through five surgeries and is scheduled for a sixth one on Monday,” said Blakemore.

The fiancé had to have four surgeries. Unfortunately doctors couldn't save his leg. And both will be out of work for a long time.

“If any of us suffered injuries as they did, you're off from work, not only one income is lost, they have two incomes lost,” said Blakemore.

Blakemore says the family's faith will get them through.

“It means a lot, you soar, it is the grace of God that sustains me,” said Blakemore.

From tragedy comes a message anyone can use.

“Love, love, love, love your family, love your loved ones, not just in word, but in action,” said Blakemore.

Workers raised over $4,000. If you would like to donate, call 423-505-4285.