Intense flames threatened a number of commercial buildings at Highland Plaza on Ashland Terrace Thursday morning. 

A construction crew with Phaltless Inc. was using a milling machine to resurface a service road behind the building, when they accidentally hit a one-and-a-half-inch gas line. 

The escaping gas found an ignition source on the machine and erupted into flames. 

The Chattanooga Fire Department received the alarm at 10:30 Thursday morning and responded to the scene with seven fire companies. 

The thick, black smoke from the fire could be seen for miles in all directions. The fire quickly spread to the milling machine and a nearby dumpster. The backside of one of the buildings at Highland Plaza was within a few feet of the dumpster and roughly 25 feet from the ruptured gas line.

Tactical Services Chief Danny Hague said the firefighters worked quickly, using hand-held hoselines to contain the blaze and protect the backside of the building. A few minutes later, technicians with the Chattanooga Gas Company arrived on the scene and managed to cut the gas supply off. 

No serious injuries were reported. One of the workers had the hair on his face and arms singed off. He was checked out by Hamilton County EMS and released. Chattanooga police provided assistance on the scene. 

A gas line was apparently broken and started a fire at the Highland Plaza Shopping Center at the northwest corner of Hixson Pike and Ashland Terrace Thursday morning.

The gas leak has been contained.

Fire crews are at the site, which is partially under construction.

Chattanooga Fire Department says there have been no injuries, but there's  no word on damage. Nearby buildings have been evacuated as a safety precaution. 

Channel 3 has a crew enroute and will update this developing story.