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Family Justice Center to open first of July

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July 1st, the doors of the Family Justice Center will open.

It's a center officials say will be a one-stop location to help victims of family violence access the services they need. Chattanooga police recently arrested a suspect in domestic violence death.  Police believe Rosa Chatman was killed by her long time boyfriend Bruce Stevenson. Witnesses and relatives say Stevenson was extremely abusive toward Chatman. The couple had children together and had been together for a long time.

Valerie Radu, who oversees the Family Justice Center, says the center will try to reach out to victims of domestic violence to explore options before it's too late. "It's normal to feel very ashamed about your situation that nothing will get better... to feel overwhelmed and the first thing you can do is come to place like this where it's safe. And where you have people who will take the time to sit with you and let you know what options are -- provide information."

Radu says they the goal is to increase reporting of domestic violence. Police tell Channel 3 that more than 30 percent of violent crime is driven by domestic violence.

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