The Hamilton County Commission voted to approve the county's 2016 budget.

Commissioners also voted to take money out of a rainy day fund to 'refill' their discretionary spending, which caused some debate. Commissioners voted 6 to 3 to take 900-thousand dollars out of the general fund balance, or rainy day fund, to add the discretionary funding into the 2016 budget.

That leaves a little more than 600-thousand dollars in the rainy day fund. Commissioners will receive 100-thousand dollars a piece to spend on projects in their district that need attention like equipment for volunteer fire departments or playground equipment for schools.

County Mayor Jim Coppinger says there was already a lack of revenue for other departments and urged commissioners to not pass the budget amendment. "I would be remissed not to mention the millions, the millions of dollars that were cut from this budget that were requested items for public safety. specifically our sheriff's department. for public education, for public works, for the emergency medical services and others that were needed."