Through the years, detectives have accumulated lots of information, evidence, statements, and leads in the murder of Teresa Ann Beard, but they lack the clue that would connect it all. We hope that up to $1,000 cash with no questions about your identity, ever, will be what it to get you to make that call.

"Justice was not served for this murder," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Bill Phillips. "And this is what appears to be a senseless homicide." In his Cold Case Unit, we turn back to 1993.

On June 19th, officers were called to a disturbance on East Main around 2:30 in the morning. Close by, at the intersection of Adams and East 17th, they saw a person in the road. "It's female who they later learned to be Teresa Beard," Sgt. Phillips explained, and she's lying on her back in a pool of blood, just the middle of the intersection."

"This area was well-known for prostitution at that time," Phillips continued. "There was a lot of drug use and Teresa was known to be one of the people you could normally find in that area." While her activities may have endangered her life, Teresa certainly did not deserve to be the victim of a brutal murder.

Beard has a family who still want answers. "You realize that these are people's children and people's brothers and sisters, and sometimes people's parents," Phillips said. "And they're human, too. And they are very much loved. And this family wants justice just like any other family of any case that we work on."

That is where you can help. Has enough time passed for you to tell what you know? We are not necessarily looking for an eyewitness to the crime. "If you know something about what Teresa was doing that night or where she was or who she was with, was wearing, or what kind of car you saw her get out of earlier or anything like that," Phillips added, "not knowing what we know, because we can't put everything out there, what may not seem all that important that you may be very important to us because of what we do know."

If you have that bit of information, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

An officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask who you are. Up to $1,000 reward could be yours.