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Chattanooga City Council approves plans for renovating Miller Park

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Thomas Vincent spends a lot time under the trees in Miller Park. It's a place the homeless is known to spend their time.

“Them trees got more reason to be here, than we do,” said Vincent. He worries they may be forced out if the city moves forward with plans to expand and improve the park.

“We look at all the new development going on in the city, it's important we maximize all the open space,” said Kim White, president, River City Company.  It's been over a decade since major work has taken place at Miller Park.

Kim White with River City Company says it's time for Miller Park to look like Coolidge Park, places families gather.  “If we can take out all the hidden space in Miller Park and visually connect it to Miller Plaza it will be a great wide open space,” said White.  

City leaders want to raise the park to make it more accessible to Miller Plaza and Patten Parkway. Plans call for the three to be connected. “It's out of sight from the street level, you can't see it from the street level, and therefore a large majority of people that would enjoy the park are not using it,” said Moses Freeman, Councilman.

But Thomas Vincent says he's worried about those who use the park now. Change isn't easy. “You going to come in here and cut it down, this park has been here forever,” said Vincent.

City leaders tell Channel 3 they understand those concerns, but believe in the end, with the facelift, the park will be able to serve everyone. “We really want to make this an area, where the whole community can come together,” said Vincent. An idea others look forward to.

“If it's going to expand Miller Park, I say yes that it will definitely benefit the public,” said Ellen Doss.

Spackman Mossop Michael and Eskew & Dumez & Ripple from New Orleans will head up the design. Three firms from Chattanooga will play a role as well. Those firms are: Hefferlin & Kronenberg Architects, W.M. Whitaker & Associates, and March Adams & Associates.

City leaders hope the project will be finished in 2016.   Chattanooga City Council approved the project. 

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