After four long years, Shundy Hicks was reunited with his daughter, Anjalayiah. 

“I just fell to my knees, giving God the praise, because it was only him that made this happen,” said Shundy Hicks, father.
Home video shows the two together last month, just hours before they flew home from Mexico
“My daughter had been missing five years,” said Hicks.

The search began in October 2011. Hicks was awarded full custody, but authorities say the girl's mom fled to Mexico with her. 
Shundy says she then left their daughter with her new husband and returned to the states. The Association For Lost Children helped Shundy bring Anjalayiah home, but the process was anything but easy.

“Even though we had all the necessary documents with the United States seal on it, they came up with some type of excuse to say we didn't have enough documents ,” said Hicks.

In 2013, he tried to bring her home but she was handed back over to the mother's husband. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that Shundy returned again to locate his daughter. This time he had the necessary paperwork and Anjalayiah got to come home. Shundy says despite having his daughter back, he still has questions.

“I still ask myself why her mother took her the way she did,” said Hicks. Shundy says he is glad the nightmare is over and is focused on making up lost time. “I'm just looking forward to putting back the pieces of my life together,” said Hicks.

Shundy Hicks says he plans to press charges against Anjalayiah's mother, who we reached out to Monday for comment. She said she will tell her side of the story in the coming days.