UPDATE: A man who was hurt in a motorcycle crash last month - has died. 

Joe Cowan of Ringgold passed away Monday afternoon. He was in a  motorcycle crash on Highway 27 in Catoosa County in June.
Georgia State Patrol officers said a passenger car hit the Harley Davidson Cowan and his 11-year-old step-daughter were riding. She was thrown about 30 feet, suffered broken bones, but is expected to be okay. 

A Ringgold man is in critical condition after a weekend motorcycle crash on Hwy 27 in Catoosa County.

Joe Cowan, 35, is fighting for his life at Erlanger hospital. Georgia State Patrol officers say a passenger car hit the Harley Davidson both Cowan and his 11-year-old step-daughter were riding, Saturday.

Cowan's family and friends say the intersection, where this all happened is known for having blind spots. They'd like to see a stop sign or red light put in place.

"The trooper I spoke to said there was nothing he could have done, there were no indications that he was speeding or anything," said Nora Cowan, crash victims' wife, mother. " It's very dangerous, we've seen multiple accidents happen there over the course of years."

Nora Cowan's husband and daughter are lucky to be alive. they were hit by a passenger car in the intersection just after 11:30 p.m. Officials say the 70-year-old who was driving the car, was trying to cross over Hwy 27 from Twin Cedars road. The impact threw 11-year-old Christina at least 30-feet. She told her family a mother and daughter stopped to help and hold her hand.

"I was told a mother and daughter who saw the crash, stopped to help and the daughter held my little girl's hand until the ambulance arrived," said Nora Cowan "If I could hug her neck for the good you did ... I would because not many people out there would do that."

Christina now has a fractured collarbone, broken tooth, several cuts, bruises and road rash but she's okay. Her step-dad Joe wasn't as lucky.

"There is going to be many surgeries to come to even get him to where he can function," said Nora Cowan.

Joe has a broken arm, a shattered pelvis and a serious head injury causing his brain to swell. The impact from the crash burst his kidney and there's internal bleeding. Right now he can only squeeze his wife's hand. Doctors say he needs a lot of blood.

"I don't want to see anybody have to go through this kind of heartache and pain," said Nora Cowan. "I would like to see them finally after God knows how long... finally put a red light there."Family members say they don't know how many surgeries or pints of blood Joe Cowan will need. They've set up an account for him at Blood Assurance. He has a universal blood type of 0+, if you would like to make a donation you can go to any Blood Assurance and give in Joseph Cowan name, The account number is 687541. The family has also set up a "Go Fund Me" page at: http://www.gofundme.com/helpjoecowan

Officials with Georgia Department of Transportation tell us they conduct traffic studies after every serious crash. They say they'll look into the number of crashes that have happened in this particular intersection, as well as the number of vehicles that travel there per day. In addition, officials say traffic engineers will review the area to see if any safety improvement can be made.