With the party now over, workers have to clean up the streets.

"We got a team here, combination between people that we hire, few folks from the city and from the County Correction Office," said Chip Baker, Executive Director.

Chip Baker tells Channel 3 that all of the trash that's on the ground shows that the concession stands were busy this year.

"Concession numbers were good this year, we don't have an exact count yet, won't for a month, but we do know that the crowds were great," said Baker.  

Isaiah Buchanan is a sector manager. His team is responsible for breaking  down the tents, and picking up trash. So far, his team has filled hundreds of bags with trash.

"It is a lot of hard labor, and you are carrying four or five pieces of lattice," said Isaiah Buchanan, Sector Manager.

Getting this area all cleaned up and back to the way it usually looks is something Buchanan is happy to be part of.

"Chattanooga is a beautiful city, and we would love to keep it that way, I feel glad to be able to be part of helping keep it clean, knowing that I'm doing something makes me feel really good about myself," said Buchanan.

Despite all the trash workers have to pick up, Baker says Riverbend 2015 was a success.

"Last year we had six days of rain, and Mother Nature can be the great equalizer so, we were very fortunate to have great weather, it was a little warm, it's June in Chattanooga," said Baker.

If you are planning to drive down Riverfront Parkway, it should be open by noon on Monday. Baker with friends of the festival tells Channel 3 they are already planning for Riverbend 2016.