A team of veterans in South Pittsburg are working to give a historic building there a face-lift.  

The American Legion Post 62 uses the building for meetings and other community functions, but nasty weather has caused the building's condition to deteriorate.  

Channel 3 was with volunteers as they worked to fix things up.

On Saturday, American Legion members and other community members spent their day working to save a building that's served the community since the 1920's 

"Let"s try to make it the glory asset it use to be way back when," said Trevor Shattuck, organizer.

The building on 300 Elm Street in South Pittsburg has a lot of history.

"Everything from World War II, from Vietnam, folks left from these steps, people have taken ballet here," said Shattuck.  

That's why American Legion veterans who use this space are working to save it. Over the years the nasty weather caused damage to the roof. 

There is also damage to the interior and exterior of the building. On Saturday, the Air Force team from Dobbins Air Force Base in Georgia came up to lend a helping hand.

"Pulling up the floor, pulling up the concrete tile floor that is on this side, we're pretty much just taking out everything that's damaged," said Antonio Acevedo, Air Force.

There is still more work to be done, that's why they need your help.

"We need hammers, we need plywood, flooring," said Acevedo.

City commissioner Jimmy Wigfall says for a while the city donated money to help keep the building up, but the city stopped giving a donation. 

Wigfall says because of his efforts he was able to get the donation reinstated. This group now has 3,000 from the city to work with.

"It's worth doing, this is a great building, it served the community in so many ways," said Jimmy Wigfall, South Pittsburg City Commissioner.

While the volunteers have support from the city, they still need extra funds to do the necessary repairs to keep the building standing.  

"We can always find a place to meet, but you can't always find a place that has this much history, and this much tie to the veteran community," said Wigfall.

The group tells Channel 3 they hope to get the building put on the historical registry once their finish. 

If your interested in volunteering or you want to make a donation, they are having a meeting on June 18 at 6 pm and it's going to take place at 300 elm Street in South Pittsburg.