(WBIR - OAK RIDGE) - Dennis Badurina is no stranger to working for the Hollywood movie industry, but he just finished his biggest project yet: Creating props for "Jurassic World".

"When we got the call, it was really neat," Badurina said. "Getting the call, especially from a prop master who we've done work for before, said this is the guy who's going to do this. It was just fantastic."

Badurina owns Dragon Leatherworks in Oak Ridge, a gun shop specializing in custom holsters. It's a young company, but Badurina has already worked with several big productions including "Furious 7" and the hit TV series "NCIS".

"Only five or six years in the business and it was only in our third year that we were able to start working on some Hollywood projects," he said. "That was pretty neat, too.

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