UPDATE: Dalton police have identified the body found in Al Rollins Park as 13 year-old Raul Juan of Whitfield County. 

The GBI crime lab used dental records to identify the body. 

The cause of death has been ruled as drowning. 

Dalton police say that no evidence found either at the scene of the drowning nor during the autopsy suggests any foul play.  

Juan was reported missing to the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office about 6:00am Friday when his mother woke up and saw discovered he was not home. 

She reported that she last saw him at home at approximately 1:00am. 

Detectives are still investigating to determine what Raul Julian was doing during the early morning hours before he drowned in the pond at the park.

PREVIOUS STORY: Dalton police are just hours into a death investigation.  Around 7:30 Friday morning, a passerby saw what appeared to be a body in the lake at Al Rollins Park, and called 911.

But it was too late to save the person, currently identified only as Hispanic man.

Police say there are no obvious signs of struggle or foul play. But until they know exactly what happened and why they're treating this case as a suspicious death and are investigating accordingly.  

"It's not really scary but it is more disturbing, because nothing of this stature has happened here in the seven or eight years that me and my family have lived here," said Tony Dixon, Lives near park.

It was a rude awakening for Dalton's Tony Dixon. The father of five was rousted by one of his kids, asking why police were fanned across Al Rollins Park, but with special emphasis on the pond.

Dixon, like many of his neighbors, watched and wondered what may have happened

Dalton Police Information Officer Bruce Frazier says a passerby called 911 around 7:30 Friday morning, 

"Our officers responded to the scene and found a dead body, a male body floating face down in the water. At this point, there is no reason to suspect foul play, there's no readily apparent signs of foul play," said Dalton Police Information Officer Bruce Frazier. 

Police closed the park as their investigation began. One item quickly caught Dixon's eye.

"I don't know the person but the bike looks familiar , it looks like someone i see in the neighborhood, don't know him, don't really talk to him," said Dixon.

Dixon speculates the deceased may have gone for a midnight swim in the small lake and encountered some kind of trouble once in the water.

While fishing is allowed, swimming is not. As for Dixon's children and additional questions they may have.

"All I can do as a father is tell them to stay prayed up, keep god first and stay aware," said Dixon.

The body has been taken to the GBI Crime Lab where an autopsy and blood work should help determine what happened.

If you have any information that may help investigators call the Dalton Police Department.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Dalton Police Department is investigating a body found in a lake Friday morning at Al Rollins Park on Threadmill Road.

A passerby noticed the body at 7:31 a.m. Friday.

The park is closed as officers begin the investigation.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is en route to the park to assist in the investigation.