Things didn't start easy for Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher.

He had to work two homicides the first day on the job in June 2014. But now the department says property crimes are down as are gang-related shootings.

Friday marks one year since Fletcher was sworn in as chief of the Chattanooga Police Department.

Fletcher sat down with Dan Kennedy Friday morning on Eyewitness News Today to talk about his first year on the job, recent gang violence in the city, new policies implemented, and plans moving forward.

"We would like to make sure that we improve diversity. We would like to make sure that we organize in a way that helps address the most important issues to our community: violent crime, domestic violence, sexual assault, and related items," Fletcher said of his goals in 2015. 

Fletcher said he's working to improve diversity of CPD sworn officers.

"There's 177,000 people in this community. We need them to help us develop the police department into what we want it to be," he said. "Please encourage your young people, particularly a young diverse crowd to come work in your Chattanooga Police Department."