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Chattanooga couple gets engaged on stage at The Strut

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Ada Barnes and Anthony DiGiacco are the couple many of you saw become engaged on stage during The Bessie Smith Strut on Monday.

"I knew something was going on. Just with my friends, with him, everybody acting weird," Barnes said.

"I had a sheet written down. I had highlight notes. I didn't want to read it and be a robot, but I got nervous and left out most of it," said DiGiacco.

The couple both work in the music industry. That's how they met several years ago. They randomly kept in touch.

But it wasn't until Riverbend last year that their paths crossed again. It's been on ever since.

"We've had friends trying to marry us since the first week. They saw it. I think we knew it probably, too, then," DiGiacco said.

"Not willing to admit it yet," Barnes added with a smile.

Chattanooga traditions like The Strut, Nightfall, and Southern Brewer's Festival are all staples in their love story.

But so is the Chattanooga Market. Barnes' opal ring was an impulse buy from there the day before DiGiacco got on one knee.

"I wasn't gonna do a ring at all until the day before, and my mom picked it out while walking around the Chattanooga Market," DiGiacco explained.

"I don't want a diamond unless it's on a drill bit, pretty much," Barnes laughed. "I'm very excited."
"I figured we could pick our own symbol from there," DiGiacco said.
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