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Dozens shave heads for pediatric cancer research

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There were dozens of bald beauties at the Chattanooga market as people shaved their heads for Jack's Chattanoggins. This is the 5th year the Chattanoggins have donated money to the children's hospital of Erlanger to help towards pediatric cancer research and while everyone leaves with a smile.

Whether it's curly or straight, long or short, our hair is our accessory. "It's what defines us," said Jessica Ross.

But what if you shaved it all off, to help someone else? "If you're diagnosed with cancer you don't have a choice, you're gonna lose it and then to see these people willingly volunteer to shave their heads. It gets really emotional," said Ross.

Dozens, one by one, sat down in Ross' chair to shave it all off, for pediatric cancer research. "Men for the most part, they're laughing and cutting up, but women it really gets emotional for them and you see the look on their face and it touches us,” said Ross.

As hair hits the ground, so do a few tears. But when it's all over, there is nothing left but a smile. "It's really cool on top of my head actually," said Will McDade.

But the cool feeling on his head isn't as great as the warm feeling inside his heart. "That's the best part. By far, that's great. That's the feeling I came here for," said McDade.

"It always gets me the day of, people coming out and do all of this for the kids," said Jack Skowronnek.

Jack tells us that next year they plan to expand to Nashville and Chicago.

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