The party isn't just on the river. It
s on Chestnut as well.
From hitting buckets with drum sticks, to plucking guitars, performers are providing a little entertainment on the sidewalk for the thousands who pass them on their way to Riverbend.

It's fun making music with people, but it's also fun we get to interact with people, said Matt Broom, Funk A Buckets.
Matt Broom and his friends have been making music with these buckets for about five years. It all started in high school, they
're still going strong today.
"We've got some stuff we written out as a guide, but a lot of it is just improvised and we just make it up as we go, said Broom.
Just down the street from where Funk A Buckets is performing is the Whitts End Band. They play southern rock music.

The music, it's my life, it's soothing, it's relaxing, it's therapeutic, said Sonny Whitt.

The folks who pass by and watch Whitts End and Funk A Buckets perform along Chestnut say they can't get enough.

I think it's pretty cool, I want to see it more, said Megan Stapp.

They are encouraging those who haven't caught the street performers to do so.
"Yeah it's crowded but it's such a cool experience, said Megan Stapp.

The performers tell Channel 3 they will be out along Chestnut during the entire festival. Riverbend runs until June 13th.