A Chattanooga man faces several charges including theft and assault on a police officer.

Acting on several tips a Chattanooga police officer found a stolen vehicle on the 13-hundred block of Gunbarrel Road.  Police were also told the suspect, Christopher Clay, was staying at an apartment under another name.  While at the location the officer saw Clay come out of the apartment and head toward the vehicle.  When Clay saw the police, he lowered his head and walked toward a different vehicle, that's when police identified themselves and asked to speak to him. 

Police report at that point, Clay became hostile and started looking for somewhere to run.  The officer tried to detain Clay, but he took off running. The officer were able to catch Clay and a struggle began, where Clay using his elbow hit an officer in the face trying to get away.  The officer, believing that Clay would try to strike him again, hit Clay several times with his fist. Clay managed to free himself and took off running, ignoring commands to stop.  Police managed to recapture Clay taking him to the ground. Clay continued to resist while being handcuffed.  At that time other officers had arrived on the scene and managed to place Clay in handcuffs.  A search of his person revealed a syringe in his pocket. 

Clay finally admitted that he was driving the vehicle but didn't know it was stolen. But he did know the person he got it from dealt with stolen vehicles.  He was taken to the hospital to be checked out before being taken to the Hamilton County Jail.