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CPD wants more body cams

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Chattanooga's top cop wants as many of his officers as possible to wear body cameras. Right now they're testing 12 cameras but want dozens more. He wants the city to pay for 70 to 80 cameras and is considering asking for a federal grant to buy even more.

“This is just one of many opportunities we look for just to leverage the funds provided through the budget from the community,” said Fred Fletcher, Chief of Police, Chattanooga Police Department. If CPD decides to apply for the Department of Justice Grant, it wants community support in writing.  

“It's so much going on, some police are lying on people, people lying on police, so if the camera is on, it protecting you and the police,” said Jessica Lawrence. 
Jessica Lawrence runs a summer camp in East Lake.  She tells Channel 3 an officer approached her group to write a letter in support of more body cams. Lawrence didn't hesitate.  
"Same day he asked, I did it the same day, it wasn't even a good hour,” said Lawrence.

Chief Fletcher says the  support from the community has been enormous.
“I have been overwhelmed with the support this community has provided to us and our police department to help keep this community safe,” said Fletcher. 

Lawrence says she believes the body cams on officers can do a lot of good.

“As long as they carrying them, and they are being used right, I'm in support of that camera,” said Lawrence.

CPD has until June 16th to apply. They reached out to the District Attorney's Office for a letter of support, as well as Judge Poole.

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