A family of six in Catoosa County need your help after everything they own was lost in a fire.

It happened Wednesday afternoon on Whittemore Hollow Road.

Dedra Whittemore and her husband built 13 years-worth of memories with their four kids inside the home before watching it go up in smoke.

“It was insane because the curtain in their bedroom was on fire and then he took a bucket of water and splashed it on it and then we went around to the back of the house and it was engulfed. It went up so fast,” Whittemore said.

Everyone was able to get out okay but the family did lose one of their cats.

The home is a complete loss and the family didn't have insurance.

“I thank God that my babies made it out and that we made it out,” she added.

As investigators try to figure out the cause, Whittemore says she's just trying to figure out how to start over.

The last 24 hours have shown Whittemore the generosity of her community that have banded together to collect necessities.

“I didn't know how great people were. I kind of sheltered myself away and it's just amazing,” she said, “It's wonderful and I'm so grateful.”

The Whittemore family is in desperate need of clothing and toiletries.

They have three boys and one girl between the ages of 14 and 7.

Their sizes are:

Boy, 14 years old: Size 16 pants, large shirt
Boy, 11 years old: Size 14 pants, medium or large shirt
Boy, 9 years old: Size 9 pants, medium or large shirt
Girl, 7 years old: Size 8-10 pants, small or medium shirt

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with monetary donations. To donate, click HERE.
To arrange donation drop off, call Dedra Whittemore at 423-368-1661.