A special needs dog in Red Bank is looking for a forever home. Daisy, a Border Collie mix, has an extremely rare disease called "Rubber Puppy Syndrome."

Her skin is 1/27th the strength of normal skin, so just being a normal, playful puppy puts her at risk of getting seriously hurt. But because of her condition, the Pet Placement Center in Red Bank said anyone who will take her home will never have to pay a vet bill.

A crate isn't the best place for an enthusiastic puppy. But it's how the shelter is trying to keep Daisy safe.

 "We don't have that proper inside home environment which would be free of dangers for her legs and feet and things like that," said Kristin Stanford, shelter manager.

Daisy has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, more commonly known as Rubber Puppy Syndrome. Her skin is extremely thin and doesn't produce enough collagen.

"It is extremely, extremely rare. We have actually never seen it before," Stanford said.

Although Daisy looks like a normal puppy, she can't play like a normal dog. Even a long walk can cut her feet and legs. Rough play with other animals or roaming into brush could cause her to become seriously injured.

"Her skin, because of the extra elasticity, takes longer to heal," Stanford explained. "So that's why she can't be spayed and why she'll be a forever foster. A wound like that would never heal up on her."

The 10-month-old dog was already adopted out through the Pet Placement Center before Daisy was diagnosed. Her previous owners returned her  to the no-kill shelter several weeks ago after learning of the condition.

But inside a safe home, Daisy could have a more normal life. The ideal family is one without any other dogs or cats. She could take short walks while remaining on a leash.

Veterinarians say her condition is manageable for someone who's up for a rewarding challenge.

"She would be a great little companion," said Stanford, as Daisy barked in agreement.

Anyone interested in fostering Daisy can visit the Pet Placement Center on Dayton Blvd. in Red Bank. More information plus a link to the shelter's foster form can be found