Three arrests have been made in connection with Burglaries to Automobiles in Polk County.

More than 20 Burglary to Automobiles have been reported within the last two weeks around Parksville Lake and in the Jacks River area. 

On May 30, Michael Larry Burch was arrested at Parksville Beach after a sheriff's deputies say him allegedly in the process of breaking into a parked vehicle.  

He is charged with Burglary to an Auto and meth related charges.  May 31st, Daniel Davenport and Zachary Mathews were arrested after deputies pulled into Kings Slough parking lot while the duo were allegedly in the process of breaking into a parked vehicle. 

When deputies approached the defendants they jumped into a vehicle belonging to Davenport and left. The deputies chased them into the National Forest, that's when the Forest Service, Polk Detectives and TWRA joined the chase. 

After an extensive search of the area Davenport was placed in custody and Mathews arrested the following day. 

Polk County deputies impounded the suspects' vehicle and collected prints and possible DNA evidence along with electronic devices. More arrest are pending.