UPDATE: Riverbend is just a few days away and the excitement is building, but the dreaded road closed signs are popping up throughout the city

Barricades and road closed signs were placed all around the downtown area Sunday. It's the beginning stages of the 2016 Riverbend Festival. 

"A lot safer, can move around a lot easier," said Keith Brock.  

With it right around the corner, crews are working around the clock to prepare for the 9 day event.  Keith Brock's crew is building the Tennessee Valley Stage. They don't mind Riverfront Parkway being blocked off to traffic. 

"A lot easier to set up. It gets dangerous, a lot of people come through here going 40 mph, 45 mph we see on the sign over there," said Keith Brock.

Starting Sunday until June 20th, several roads will be closed. Including Riverfront Parkway between Chestnut Street and Aquarium Way. Power Alley and Molly Lane and the Veterans Bridge off ramp, just to name a few.

"The main one is Riverfront, that's how I get back and forth to work. Only one I really notice. Side roads are just find," said Scott Hamby. 

Scott Hamby says the detours around the city will add a few minutes to his commute to work. "I am fine with it, sometimes it causes a little trouble getting back and forth to work."

Something he doesn't mind when he sees people enjoying what the Scenic City has to offer.  

"I think it is worth it. People enjoy the festival and I am okay with the road closures," said Scott Hamby 

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The Chattanooga Department of Transportation has issued the following road closure information surrounding Riverbend:

  • The setup closure will begin at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, June 5 with Riverside Drive between Chestnut Street and Aquarium Way and the Veterans Bridge off-ramp closed. 
  • The closure expands Monday, June 6 at 8:30 a.m. to include Riverfront Parkway from Molly Lane to Chestnut Street and Power Alley and Chestnut Street from Aquarium Way to Riverfront Parkway. 
  • The setup closure will continue through Monday, June 20th at 3:30 p.m.: Riverfront Parkway closed from Aquarium Way to Molly Lane, the southbound off-ramp from Veterans Bridge is closed, Power Alley from Aquarium Way to Riverfront Parkway, and Chestnut Street from Aquarium Way to Riverfront Parkway is closed. 

Detours will be posted.