Chattanooga police have a new tool in their fight against crime: an expansion of their Crime Analysis Unit, growing from one one civilian employee to four staffers.

The Chattanooga Police Department said in a news release that the agency is taking this step to support one of its three newly-adopted pillars of policing – Intelligence Led Policing.

The new unit will focus on data analysis in several areas:

  • Crime pattern
  • Geographic
  • Time-series
  • Statistical
The goal, according to the CPD, is to help police identify places and strategies for police intervention and to anticipate crime based on that data.

“Predictive analytics will allow us to better anticipate where individuals may be most at risk of being victims and to identify patterns,” said Chief of Police Fred Fletcher. “This increased information will allow us to use finite resources to problem solve in the most effective manner possible.”

The positions will cost the department around $36,000 a year and the equipment was purchased through the use of seized funds. 

The intelligence is a result of collected data that has been evaluated and analyzed.  Each person will have a specific crime to keep track of, with one person in charge of special projects and management of data.