Police say this week's Crime Stoppers suspect took a whole month to pull off his crime. "Throughout the month of January," began Chattanooga Police Officer Tim McFarland, "the surveillance video from Memorial Hospital downtown captured the suspect, a white male, stealing thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment and computers."

That dollar value, itself, makes the crime a felony. Considering where the theft took place: Memorial Hospital, the possibility for trouble is nearly endless. "You've got personal information," Off. McFarland theorized, "depending on what's on those computers, you've got potential financial information in there so you can see, endless from that standpoint, if used."

The content of the two laptops taken was not disclosed, but it is even more reason to round him and them up, quickly.

Have a close look at the picture, his clothing, all of the details. He is an average-looking white male who may have a mustache and his identity could lead you to reward cash. "We don't have much to go on, the video, there's just one photograph," McFarland said. "If someone knows him they'll recognize him."