Police in Calhoun, GA are searching for a man who tried to lure a five-year-old child into his vehicle Tuesday.

It happened on Edmond St. about 2:45 Tuesday afternoon in Gordon County. 

Police are looking for a white man, possibly in his 60's, who has been seen driving two different vehicles.


A 12 year old boy was also playing outside at the time and witnessed the incident. He recognized a defining feature and says he's seen the man driving around the neighborhood before.


"What he said stood out, was that the suspect had a large full white beard and it just brought his attention even when he rode through on the mustang," said Det. Tony Pyle, Calhoun Criminal Investigation Division.


Calhoun detectives are relying on 12-year-old Ricky Garnett to know what the suspect looks like.


He says the man, resembling Santa Claus, had a black puppy in the truck and was offering the five year old girl candy if she got inside.


Older children saw what was happening -- grabbed the little girl and ran away.

"Everybody else ran and me and my friends were trying to get his tag number off of his truck and he left," Garnett said.


The group of kids told Garnett's grandmother what they just saw and she called for police.

"He said this man was trying to pick this little girl up, he actually picked her up and set her back down and we all saw him," Linda Cothran said, "I guess it scared him away."

"We've put out BOLO's, Be On the Lookout, for the vehicle or suspect," Det. Pyle said, "We're also going through the local and surrounding areas sex offenders list and just following up on leads we have."


Det. Pyle is looking for any leads that could help track down the bearded man who was seen driving two separate vehicles.


One, an older white Toyota pickup truck, and the other, a black Ford mustang with a hood scoop and hood pins.


The suspect was seen driving through Edmond Circle before.

"I've seen him in the mustang before," Cothran said, "But he just goes around and around the block and that's all, I've seen him several times."


Luckily the group of children knew something was wrong and ran away.


The lure of a puppy and candy didn't work.

"It's kind of scary that there's people out here trying to get little girls and little boys," Garnett said.

The National Crime Prevention Council gives tips for parents on how to keep children away from strangers.


That organization suggests teaching the phrase "No, Go, Yell, Tell," and to follow those commands if the child feels in danger.


Police were dispatched to Edmond Street, but the suspect had left the area, according to police.

Police say that the suspect, a while male in his sixties, has a full white beard and was driving an older, white Toyota truck but was also seen driving an older black Ford Mustang earlier, according to witnesses.

The Mustang was also described as having a hood scoop and hood pins.

Anyone with information on this subject or the vehicles described above, is asked to contact Calhoun Police Department at 706-629-1234 or the CPD Tip Line at 706-602-5786 or 911.