You may have been caught in traffic Tuesday morning on Interstate 75 in North Georgia.

The highway had to be shut down after a high speed motorcycle chase ended with a crash near Tunnel Hill.

Tunnel Hill police say while the motorcyclist was injured in the crash, they say it could have ended with innocent people injured.

"He positioned himself in a way to try and render aid any way he could to Georgia State Patrol," says Chief Roy Brunson with Tunnel Police.

Video from dash cam of a Tunnel Hill police car, positioned along 75 North, shows Georgia State patrol whizzing by, ahead of the cyclist to warn other drivers.

Moments later, you see the motorcycle flying up the shoulder.

"Sometimes people make poor decisions when they're out there and they decide that would be the best way to try to get out of whatever situation they're in. And very often it doesn't work well for them," says Brunson.

Not even 30 seconds after the Tunnel Hill officer joins the chase the driver of the motorcycle loses control and crashes.

"It's not nearly the situation it is if you decide that you want to take off and run and then you're just adding charges and problems and many times injuries, as this gentleman wound up with today," says Chief Brunson.

He is just glad no other drivers were hurt.

 "It could have been a lot worse and of course many times innocent people are involved and that's the real tragedy when that happens."

Georgia State Patrol has identified the motorcycle driver as 30-year-old Jason Vance of Niota, Tennessee.

GSP says there is no indication on why he ran. He will face multiple charges including evading police.

At last check he is in a Chattanooga hospital in critical condition.